Digital Co-ordinator post – ways to apply (if you don’t do downloads)

  • As mentioned in the Job Advert post – if you prefer to post your answers on the application form – please send audio or video files (or a link where we can download them) to
  • Remember to keep your answers short – no more than 2 minutes on any answer. Be brief.
  • If you don’t want to download the form – Copy the questions set out below and answer them in an email to by noon on Monday 1st November.
  • Don’t forget that we also want to see samples of your work so remember to send those through to the email as well
  • Here are the questions from the form (to save that pesky downloads!)

Application form questions

E mail address

Please confirm that you are registered as self-employed or will be contracted through a limited company

Please list the online platforms that you are active on together with an indication of the numbers of followers you have on those platforms.

Tell us briefly about two different campaigns that you have run, who they were for and what the outcomes were. What did you learn from each campaign? (Please limit this answer to a maximum
of 800 words)

How would you split your time in this role – what proportion of time would you spend doing what?(Please limit this answer to a maximum of 300 words)

How have you tracked outcomes on digital campaigns you have run? (Please limit this answer to a maximum of 500 words)

Please provide some links (up to 5) to examples of digital artwork you have created for online platforms or send screenshots of examples to

Tell us about any experience or knowledge you have of working for campaigns related to arts and culture? (Please limit this answer to a maximum of 600 words)

Having read the brief – what would be the first things you would want to find out about or to know if appointed? (Please limit this answer to a maximum of 800 words)

Please provide us with the contact details of two relevant referees. We will only contact them if you are shortlisted and interviewed.

Any questions?

If you have any questions feel free to tweet our Chair Helga Henry @helgahenry and use the hashtag #MoneyMatters! with your queries. Send them through and we’ll also collate the questions and answers here on the website.

Or email us at (you’ve got it)

Good luck! We are really looking forward to hearing from you.