2000: Creative Advantage Fund (CAF) established as the first venture capital fund for the creative industries.

2000 – 2011: First round of investments made in 16 in companies including  television, film, software, theatre, toy design and jewellery, with levels of investment typically between £75,000 and £150,000

2008: Hotbed Media and Maverick Television exit the fund and it is replenished with around £1m

2011: Birmingham City Council approved the creation of a new Creative Industries Fund, building on the achievements of CAF

2011 – 2016: A second round of investments made in 8 companies

2013: The CAF Guide to Investment Readiness launched alongside the Patient Money whitepaper

2014: CAF academic prize established with Birmingham City University (BCU) and awarded to Simon Spink for research into the local film economy

2014: Maverick and North One acquired in £550m deal

2016: RE:Position Roadshows and CAF Mentoring Sprint

2016: CAF academic prize with BCU awarded to Matthew Davidson for research into the role of actors in video games

2018: Options explored for the next iteration of CAF to continue the legacy of investment into the creative industries

2019: Creative Advantage Fund re-launches with a new industry finance initiative: a peer to peer lending platform.

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