CAF has created the following original content to help cultural leaders adapt and plan for Arts Council England’s Dynamism Investment Principle:

  1. Interviews with cultural leaders who have a perspective on cultural finance
  2. Case studies of cultural organisations who have used new and diverse cultural finance initiatives
  3. A financial glossary
  4. Useful links for the Dynamism Principle


Three featured interviews with cultural leaders who have a unique and interesting perspective on financial resilience in the sector.

Interview: Bernard Donoghue; CEO, ALVA

Bernard wears a lot of hats. He’s CEO of ALVA (the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions) – which represents its members to Government, media and business in order to lobby for support for the sector. We borrowed some time from his busy schedule to ask him about financing in the cultural sector, particularly in a […]

Interview: Hilary Carty; Director, Clore Leadership

Hilary heads up Clore Leadership – the first initiative in the UK aimed at developing and strengthening leadership potential across the cultural and creative sectors. We were delighted to spend time with Hilary asking her about the needs of cultural leaders right now and the main barriers to change and growth for organisations at the […]

Case studies

Arvon: converting in person courses to online

For their work in comprehensively, rapidly and successfully digitising their programme of courses, sustaining a stable income stream through the Covid-19 pandemic, Arvon were recently shortlisted by the Digital Culture Network for a Digital Culture Award for Income Generation through 2021. Since the 1960s, Arvon has been famous for their week-long residential writing courses at […]

Financial Glossary

Financial glossary

We’ve provided this working financial glossary as a resource to help elucidate different financial terms, and how they can be understood and applied fruitfully in the Arts and Cultural sector. Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD): a methodology for how to mobilise self-organising community groups to achieve change and development by identifying often unrealised or under-utilised resources […]

Useful links for the Dynamism Principle

Money Matters! Useful links for the Dynamism Principle

In researching for the Money Matters! campaign we have discovered a number of resources, toolkits and other articles which may help organisations consider the three pillars of the Dynamism Investment Principle. As the campaign is now over and we begin to gather all the resources into one place we thought it would be useful to […]

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